Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests

Here’s the short version: If you write code then go get this book and spend some time absorbing the ideas in it. It’s well written and easy to read, but grokking it all will take time and practice. I recommend doing it as a team, book club style; read a bit then discuss it so you can bounce ideas off each other and get the benefit of other viewpoint. I also recommend starting now so you can write better code sooner.

In case you care: ‘Grok’ is a real word now; it’s in the Oxford English Dictionary, though I prefer the definition in Merriam Webster’s.

If you’re interested in more details, the longer version, will be posted on my blog Monday morning.

If you’re interested in buying the book, remember as an AJUG member you can get a 35% discount if you buy the book from  the InformIT website. Check our main Book Review page for details.

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Burk Hufnagel
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