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September 15, 2009 – jRecruiter 2.0 – Ajug

‘s Job Posting Service

Slides: [http://www.slideshare.net/hillert/jrecruiter-the-ajug-job-posting-service]


[jRecruiter|http://code.google.com/p/jrecruiter/] is AJUG’s [Job Posting Service|http://www.ajug.org/jrecruiter/] and after a long time in the making, version 2.0 was recently deployed. This month, Gunnar Hillert, devloper of jRecruiter will demo the appllication and he will talk about the underlying used technologies. In that regard, this month’s presentation will follow a slightly different format. Instead of talking about single technology or framework, we will discuss a wide variety of different standards, libraries and frameworks that help developers implement web applications efficiently.

We will certainly talk about the frameworks used in jRecruiter, such as Struts 2.1, Spring 3.0, Hibernate 3.x and Maven. However, we will also touch subjects such as how you optimized the load times of your UI using JAWR, YSlow and Firebug. Also, how can you integrate your application with Twitter and Google Maps.


Gunnar Hillert is a senior software engineer at [nuBridges, Inc.|http://www.nubridges.com/] A native of Berlin, Germany, Gunnar has been living in Atlanta for the past 8 years. He enjoys developing web applications but also has a background in business integration (EDI, web-services). He graduated in 2002 from the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin in applied computer science after defending his thesis.
If not playing with and learning the latest and greatest technologies, Gunnar is an avid gardener specializing in anything sub-tropical such as bananas, palm trees and bamboo. Furthermore, Gunnar is learning Spanish for the past three years. He and his wife Alysa have one daughter and try to raise her tri-lingually (English, German, Spanish). As time permits, Gunnar blogs at:[http://blog.hillert.com/]

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Data Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream, Task, and Data Flow

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Microservice based architectures are not just for distributed web applications! They are also a powerful approach for creating distributed stream and batch processing.

Spring Cloud Data Flow enables you to create and orchestrate standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Kafka and RabbitMQ that when run together, form a distributed stream processing application. It also allows users to create and orchestrate short lived microservices like batch jobs or boot applications that perform a task and then terminate when complete.

This allows you to scale, version and operationalize stream processing and task applications following microservice based patterns and practices on a variety of runtime platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Apache YARN and others.


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