July 21, 2009 – Cloud Computing with Hadoop, Map/Reduce and Cascading


Cloud Computing is one of the most popular and abused terms in technology today. Rather than trying to explain all the different meanings and abuses of the term, I will be presenting on a specific technology that most developers can understand and use today, Map/Reduce.

Made famous by Google as the solution to ‘how to index the Internet 6 times a day’, the map/reduce paradigm is applicable to a surprising number of business challenges in organizations of all types. I will be talking about the Apache solution, Hadoop ([]) and a very interesting abstraction layer on top of Hadoop, Cascading ([])


Chris Curtin brings more than 19 years of experience leading the design and development of large-scale, mission-critical, distributed business applications. Previously, he was the director of engineering for Bradley Ward Systems Inc., where he developed and implemented manufacturing applications for the food industry and was lead architect at Manhattan Associates. Curtin graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Chris Curtin is CTO of SilverPop ([]).

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