February 25 2009

February 25 2009, Wednesday @6:30PM

This month we’ll mix it up with a review and workshop. Here’s what we’ll look at:
* Upcoming features of Grails 1.1  
** New Test framework
** Automatic REST
** GORM Improvements

This meeting will be part presentation and part workshop. We’ll build a grails app from scratch and try out some of these new Grails 1.1 features. *You’ll need to bring a laptop and download these things onto it before coming to the meeting*:
* Download and install these packages
** Grails 1.1RC1 http://www.grails.org/Download
** Netbeans latest http://bits.netbeans.org/download/trunk/nightly/latest/
** Groovy 1.6 http://groovy.codehaus.org/Download

Setup Netbeans to use the Grails 1.1RC1 package. Go to Preferences \-> Miscellaneous \-> Groovy. Then find the “Grails Home” entry and point it to where you unpacked Grails. Also, make sure your setup looks good by creating a new Grails project. You can go here for a quick tutorial on Netbeans + Grails: http://grails.org/NetBeans+Integration

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