January 2009 Meeting – Easyb and Easiness

The ATL2G January meeting is around the corner. We’re going to kick off 2009 by jumping into the deep end of the Groovy & Grails pool with a presentation on Easyb and Easiness.

The 411

* Who: John Brothers (blog: IndefiniteArticles.com)
* What: Easyb and Easiness
* When: January 28, 2009 – 6:30PM
* Where: Matrix Resources, 115 Perimeter Center Place NE, Suite 250, Atlanta, GA

The Topic

easyb is a BDD framework (like RSpec & JBehave) that provides a domain specific language which makes application verification simple, fun, and easy. easyb provides support for two types of specifications, Behaviors and Stories. Behaviors are created with {{before}} and {{it}}. Stories are created with {{scenario}}, {{given}}, {{when}} and {{then}}. easyb enables you to verify behavior of normal Java objects, work-flows, etc (basically, anything you write in Java) in a more natural way-\- for instance, imagine having a conversation with a customer who wants you to write something to validate zip codes.
Easiness allows you to: Create Easyb BDD Stories and Scenarios using web templates; Easily edit and add code to the stories; Run your stories and view the results online; Export the stories to the filesystem for introduction into source control


The Presenter

John Brothers is an agile coach, dad, inventor and entrepreneur.  In his spare time (heh) he writes software and novels.  He has four years experience with Rails, and one with Grails, and a lot more than that with Java and such.

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