New Features in Spring for Rich Web Application Development

November 18, 2008 – New Features in Spring for Rich Web Application Development


Spring offers several interesting modules for building and running rich web applications: Spring MVC, Spring Web Flow, Spring JavaScript, and Spring Faces. This session will provide an overview of these modules and show how they relate to one another. Attendees will see how Spring simplifies the development and deployment of rich web applications on containers like Tomcat, as well as on Spring’s new application server. Attendees will also gain insight into the Spring 3.0 roadmap, including exciting new REST, JSON, and Flex support.

Additional background:

Spring Web MVC is a popular web framework, and the foundational platform for powering Spring-based web applications. Version 2.5 introduces major new features that simplify the core MVC programming model, including support for annotated @Controllers and convention-over-configuration. This session shows how to apply these new features to gain development productivity and implementation consistency.

Building on the Spring MVC platform are a number of interesting modules. Spring Web Flow 2 adds significant power for implementing flows within a Spring MVC-based app. Spring Faces, a new module, provides support for JavaServerFaces in a familiar Spring MVC environment. And last but not last least, Spring Javascript, a new module, integrates leading UI toolkits such as Dojo into a Spring MVC environment for applying progressive enhancement techniques with Ajax. This session provides an update on these technologies, shows how to put these technologies into practice, and addresses what’s coming in Spring Web 3.0.


Keith Donald is a principal and founding partner at SpringSource, the company behind Spring. He is best known in the Spring community for creating Spring Web Flow. At SpringSource, Keith is the lead of the Web Application Development Products Team. His team, based in Melbourne, Florida, sustains the development of Spring MVC and Web Flow and their associated integrations, and is also responsible for future innovations in the domain of web application development frameworks.

Since the first Spring Experience in 2005, Keith, with Jay Zimmerman of NoFluffJustStuff Software Symposiums, has served as director of the popular conference series.

Keith is also the principal architect behind SpringSource’s state-of-the-art training curriculum, which has provided practical training on Spring to over 3000 students worldwide.

Over his career, Keith, an experienced enterprise software developer and mentor, has built business applications for customers spanning a diverse set of industries including banking, network management, information assurance, education, and retail. He is particularly adept at translating business requirements into technical solutions.

Keith’s blog can be found at [|]

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