The Productive Programmer

The Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

Published by O’Reilly in July of 2008
List Price: $39.99; Pages: 222
ISBN 10: 0-596-51978-8 \| ISBN 13: 978059651978

The Productive Programmer is a book for those of us who willingly spend our lives creating software. We know that some of our skills and knowledge are constantly becoming irrelevant so we strive to keep learning new things, and new ways of doing things, in the hope that we’ll stay ahead of (or at least not fall too far behind) the curve.

This book won’t help with _those_ skills; at least not directly. But it will help you build the kind of foundational skills and ways of thinking that make it easier to learn about the new and flashy things because you’re not wasting time in other areas.

The Productive Programmer is about maximizing your ability to efficiently create good, working software. It’s about leveraging your computer’s abilities, and learning how to master the tools you use regularly. If you love being a developer and creating software then you owe it to yourself to read this book and start becoming better at it today. If you’re interested in more detail, I’ve posted a review in DZone’s IT Book Zone, or ask me about it at next month’s AJUG meeting.

Burk Hufnagel
Lead Software Architect

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Data Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream, Task, and Data Flow

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Microservice based architectures are not just for distributed web applications! They are also a powerful approach for creating distributed stream and batch processing.

Spring Cloud Data Flow enables you to create and orchestrate standalone executable applications that communicate over messaging middleware such as Kafka and RabbitMQ that when run together, form a distributed stream processing application. It also allows users to create and orchestrate short lived microservices like batch jobs or boot applications that perform a task and then terminate when complete.

This allows you to scale, version and operationalize stream processing and task applications following microservice based patterns and practices on a variety of runtime platforms such as Cloud Foundry, Apache YARN and others.


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