Want to Present?

If you would like to present at AJUG or have other suggestions, please contact the Program Chair.

Required Information

# quick summary/synopsis of the presentation (a couple of sentences)
# a short bio of the speaker

Meeting Information

Our meetings are held at the Holiday Inn Select near Perimeter Mall which is North of downtown Atlanta.

The meeting starts between 6:45pm and 7pm and ends around 9pm. The presentations are usually between 60 and 90min. A projector is provided.

Before the main meeting a core of members (6-10) goes to [Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant/|http://www.garciasdunwoody.com/]), which is just 2min away from the main venue.
We meet there around 5:15 / 5:30pm and from there we head over the main meeting at around 6:30/6:45

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